4 Most Popular Wedding Decoration Styles In 2021

Wedding is an important event in everyone's life, so couples and parents always spend a lot of time preparing for the big day to take place properly. Whether it's at a wedding center or a home party, the concept of decoration is extremely important. Let's find out the 4 most popular wedding decoration styles for couples in 2021 together.

1. Nostalgic Vintage Style

“Ancient” and “Old” are two elements that the Vintage wedding decoration style is aimed at. The colors commonly used in this decoration are white, cream, beige, light yellow or deep brown, earth orange... All of them work together to create a quiet space and historic.

In wedding decoration, vintage is a style reminiscent of nostalgia, it is inspired by antique objects. Stepping into the wedding party decorated in this style, you feel like you are lost in a world full of nostalgia and encounter countless simple decorations such as clocks, birdcages, candles, antique car models, …

Flowers will be arranged naturally into small vases, placed side by side, and into individual large vases. If you want a vintage-style space, don't forget to ask for the help of light. Golden lights and flickering candlelight will make the space more nostalgic and romantic.

2. Elegant, modern style

The combination of white and shades of green and green colors shows a distinct elegance and sophistication. If you want to add a bit of modern flair, you can choose brown or purple combined with the two colors above.

This is a beautiful wedding decoration style suitable for spring weather when everything is still green. In addition, you should also use muslin fabric, soft and smooth white mesh to make bows for the party. As for the tablecloth, it is recommended to use brown satin to highlight the menu printed on the silver paper background.

The factors that contribute to creating an elegant wedding party are delicate colors and luxurious accessories. If white and silver plants are displayed in proportion to the ceremony table, you can display pure white vases, or white with a little green fresh green on the table.

3. Cute romantic style

The white background combined with pink accessories creates a highlight for the romantic wedding style. Outdoor parties with open space and light in a green grass garden, blooming flowers, next to the blue beach or on the premises of a hotel around the swimming pool, etc. are all places. Perfect for the soaring romance.

Warm colors go well like orange, dark red, and chocolate brown. Besides that, there are also a few color combination ideas other than tone-sur-tone such as using only one red from light to dark, sunset yellow-orange, red-purple, purple, orange, lemon yellow, dark purple, and so on. Brown,…

4. Freestyle, improvisation

Besides the styles mentioned above, couples can also choose the following free and random styles:

Country Wedding style:

Country wedding style always brings beauty, poetry, and romance to the bride and groom. This image is both beautiful and solemn, making your party more meaningful.

Ocean Wedding style:

Try to imagine the sea scene with waves, sand, blue sky, starfish, etc. Once you have the picture, write them down on paper, write down the things that impress you the most about the sea. Then use that same image to find the right decorations for your party. The blue color of the sea can seem a bit sad for a party that loves bright colors, so jade is probably the right color and a bit more pleasant.

Prioritize choosing a blue plate because the starfish is already white. To avoid an empty plate, choose a few flower branches for additional decoration. So you have a party full of sea.


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